The Regional Center

Understanding the Regional Center

A Regional Center as defined by the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan, is the focal point for the economic, social and cultural activities of an economic region, often serving as a county seat, with a compact, mixed-use core and neighborhoods offering a wide variety of housing types.

The Bridgewater • Raritan • Somerville Regional Center

In May of 1996, in accordance with the State Planning Rules, N.J.A.C. 17:32-8.6(a), the New Jersey State Planning Commission designated the Boroughs of Somerville and Raritan and an adjacent portion of Bridgewater Township as an official Regional Center, the first multi-jurisdictional center in the state.  The approval defined an 14.2 square mile district to serve as the focal point for enhanced planning and expedited public review to benefit a population of 25,000 residents and 40,000 workers.

The Bridgewater • Raritan • Somerville Regional Center Partnership

As a condition of designation, the State Planning Commission required the formation of an organization to ensure the successful implementation of goals and objectives. The Regional Center Partnership of Somerset County, created in 1998, provides the coordinated planning framework to achieve the goal of improving the identity and functionality of the Regional Center, the quality of life for residents, and creating a favorable environment for business.

Voting membership on the Board of the Partnership includes elected and appointed officials from the three communities, Somerset County government, the Somerset County Business Partnership, the Somerset County Park Commission, and members representing the corporate and residential sectors.